Life, My Child

I imagine Life to be like a wild child. It has got hold of my plans. All of them were organised on sheets of paper. And now, Life is running amok with the sheets and scattering them along the way side. It is giggling, and teasing me, and challenging me to run after it. It sometimes just drops the sheets below the tree, and sometimes in the nearby brook, and then waits for me to find my plans dripping, and the ink on them fading away. When I try to dry those plans and squint my eyes to read what is written, it suddenly comes out in the open from behind the trees, laughing, and informs me like a know-it-all child that the sheet is ruined! I would have to write a new one. It bursts again into a peel of laughter and rushes ahead again.

I feel like a mother, trying to manage my naughty little child, called Life. Obey me! I say, and Life turns its nose away haughtily. Walk slowly, you’ll hurt yourself! I implore, but Life doesn’t listen. It runs and runs, without halting, along the rough path, and jumps around the puddles of rain. I keep on running behind but Life is too fast for me. And then, suddenly, without warning, Life slips! And falls on the stony path! And grazes itself on the elbow! And then, slowly, Life looks at me sheepishly, and gives a small smile. I smile back with the helplessness of a loving mother at her child’s naughtiness, and with the kindness of a concerned one. And I pick Life up, into my arms, and head back home. I bath my Life’s injured elbow, and dress it. Then I kiss Life’s forehead lovingly, and hand it a glass of hot milk. It drinks up slowly, and finally giving a satisfied and tired smile, Life falls back dreaming.

It is morning again. Life is completely cured and full of energy. It is practically bouncing with new ideas for the day. As Life opens the door of the house, and I wonder subconsciously what pranks it is planning on me today, suddenly, it turns back, and gives me a smile full of love, and true comradeship. I return the smile with equal love.

Of course, Life may play practical little jokes on the mother. It may tease me and poke me at times. But I’m glad for my child, my Life. I’m glad that every morning, I get to see my Life’s beautiful face. I’m glad that Life teaches me patience as any child teaches its mother. I’m glad to be able to love Life. And I’m glad that Life loves me back.

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