Spoken Word: Discovered


(Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

I don’t normally write poetry. Correction: I don’t ever write poetry. Unless I’m assigned to; that happened last in fifth standard (grade). I’m strictly a prose person. Which is (not really that) surprising, because my father happens to be a poet. In his spare time, that is.

I don’t even enjoy reading poetry all that much. Now this really is surprising that a person who gobbles up hundreds of pages full of words can’t find the conviction to read one page of poetry. So when I discovered the Spoken Word, I actually discovered that I enjoy poetry. When it is spoken to me, that is, when it is performed and felt, not just written. I’m glad to have found this.

I happened to start with Sarah Kay. The first video that I saw was her performance at TED Talks. I’ve now spent two whole hours watching those performances; poetry recitals. I’m sure I’ll grow to love other spoken word poets too in time. Meanwhile, here are a few of her poems that I loved.

Sarah Kay: B

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye: When Love Arrives

Sarah Kay: Private Parts


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