Winter In The Heart

dark path

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Silence screams into the ears

As she walks down the path of her heart.

She sees old, long-forgotten dreams,

Dreams that lie shattered along the way,

Each jagged piece cutting into the ground

That is her heart.


She hasn’t visited this place in years

Each emotion that passes by in the winds

Brings with it a feeling of déjà-vu.

And yet, all emotions feel new,

Strangers pulling at the strings

Of her heart.


She comes to a ruined mansion.

Regret dwells here,

Housing the damaged rooms,

The empty, cobwebbed corridors.

Fear is nearly a permanent house guest

He comes accompanied by Grief.


Hope had once lived here,

When each room was all light,

When each window was open wide

To ideas, opportunities, love.

Sunshine rained in the backyard,

Fleecy clouds shone across the blue sky.


The sun does not shine here anymore,

The healing rains do not shower.

No ideas flower in the window boxes,

No love grows in the garden.

No light enters the mansion;

It is a perpetual night.


Occasionally, a flame flickers,

In one corner of the highest tower

Reminding the walls of what once was.

The candle bearing the light

Had once belonged to Hope.

It has now melted down to a stub.


Tonight she sees it flicker again.

She looks on bleakly, not daring to believe.

Her heart is all void,

All covered by a blanket of wintry snow.

Courage comes and stands by her

Hoping against hope.


The flame wavers about in the winds

Now gaining strength, now losing it,

Love too looks out her hiding place;

She hasn’t seen Hope struggle in so long.

A star or two watch down, disinterestedly;

They have seen all Hope’s attempts.


Regret wakes up suddenly now

He creeps up the staircase slowly.

The door creaks open, bringing Fear with it.

Regret opens its dark wings.

The flame extinguishes in its wake

And all is dark again.

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