Silent Love Poem

You saw me see you.

I saw you see me.

We both know, and yet

The world is oblivious.

And day after day

We continue to have

This tryst in front of the whole world.


Where eyes are the park

The bench, the ambiance.

The smoldering look

A holding of hands.

The hidden smile

A stem of rose.

The turning away our parting.


Our silences are music.

Our ears are so tuned

To unspoken words.

I glow as I listen

To your lucid confession.

Your eyes light up

As I sing to you this, a love poem.

8 thoughts on “Silent Love Poem

  1. How beautiful, and lyric! I am surprised that you wrote earlier on my blog that you are often hesitant to write (or comment?) about love, as I think you have captured the delicacy of early and secret love so well here.


    • After I wrote on your blog, it made me think why I hesitate in talking about love. And I remembered why I started blogging in the first place; getting past uncomfortable situations was one major reason. Hence the poem. 🙂


  2. Ack, sorry to be writing in installments. I wrote too quickly. I realized that you may not have been writing about secret or even early love – it was my immediate interpretation. As I thought about it some more I also interpret it as simply the quiet of love, how we can share it without necessarily doing anything overt or obvious.


    • 🙂 That’s okay. I like that the poem made you think about so many different things, especially your own relationship with your husband.
      Thank you. I normally don’t write about love or such topics, and honestly I think the poem came out of me because everyone else around me was talking about love. I was a bit hesitant to publish something like this, but then decided to go ahead with it.
      The poem represented both, the early secret love as well as the simplicity of it. I’m glad you understood both meanings so well. 🙂


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