Winds Of Change

Photo by Tirza van Dijk

An autumn leaf fell by my side;

It was time for a change.


The first leaf that fell

Shook me out of my reverie.

I had been planning for summer.

The wind washed away my plans

As that first leaf fell in the water.

I looked on, unable to move.


I watched powerless

As the leaves withered by.

I tried to hold on to summer,

I tried to hold on to blooms.

But the leaves withered away,

And left me in a sea of yellow.


Somewhere below the yellow

My plans lay scattered.

How could I have not seen this coming?

How did I miss the change in air?

How did I not see the scurry

Of all those around me?


Was I the only one unprepared?

Was I the only one on whom

The autumn crept upon stealthily?

The change paralyzed me for a moment.

A fear settled in my heart;

Maybe winter would come too.


But taking a deep breath I vowed

That the first fall of snow

Will not be an abrupt shock.

This time, I shall be awake.

This time, I shall be welcoming.

For plans are meant to change.


The first flake of snow

Shall not be my autumn leaf.

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