It’s A New Day

Blogtember: Day #3

Today’s prompt is fairly straightforward.

Thursday, September 5: Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

Everyone, I’m sure, figures out a way to pep themselves up when they are feeling low. Some people have special persons that they go and talk to and then, immediately feel better. Me? I’m self-sufficient. I go to my Pinterest board of quotes for inspiration.

I’ve always been a quotes collector. Back of the notebooks, on the margins of a worksheet; I like writing those little bits of advice. Just writing them makes me feel better. Now, I know that quotes tend to lose their value when read repeatedly. But this one particular quote has stuck with me.

I found this quote on Pinterest many moons ago, and somehow, I’ve never forgotten it.

I don’t easily forgive my mistakes. Or at least, I couldn’t, for a long time. And I’m not even talking of major, life-changing mistakes. The little things: reaching five minutes late, a small error in an exam (yes, I’m a nerd. Judge me!), a job not done to utmost perfection; I used to get restless. And then that thing used to eat at me during nights. Basically, I was a worrier.

If I’m to be completely honest, I still do worry a lot. I still like things to be perfect. I still don’t like to make errors. But that eating away part? That’s gone now. It’s become far more easier for me to move away from my blunders, and take an objective look at the problem.

My advice? Don’t dwell too much on your past mistakes. Only take what you can learn and go ahead with doing it a little better, each day.

On second thoughts, this is a highly useful thing that I’ve learnt in two years of college. All you busy cellphone users? Please turn off the ringer when you sleep. Especially if you have an insane overly sincere highly concerned colleague/classmate/team member!