Drop. Drop.

My eyes follow

Every single drop

As it falls

From the tap

To the sink.

The dishes remain undone,

There’s dirt caked on the floor.

It’s been two days

I haven’t seen the sun.



My ears hear

Every single second

As it passes

And the day

turns to night.

The emails remain unanswered,

The work still  has to be done.

It’s been two whole days

And I haven’t seen the sun.


The eyes have become a blur now.

There’s a low buzzing in my ears.

The mind is somewhat alert though

And I can’t stop thinking

About letters, notes, stolen kisses.

About fingers entwined, the walks.

I can’t stop going back

as I sit here, waiting for you.

Knowing that it’s been two days

And I haven’t seen the sun.