Photo by Alex Wigan

The spark of smiles

And innocent longings

Turned to a flame;

Deep red and pure,

Of passion and warmth, hopes and dreams.


As she watched the flame turn to harsh fire

That threatened to cremate the very love

Which it was built from,

Panic washed over her,

And she stood paralyzed,

Forced to watch the destruction all night.


The fire had burned without restrictions

And brought to light all good and bad.

She now surveyed the landscape of the hearts

Where residue flames still burned around;

Bright stars in ebony dark.

The venom had flowed out due to heat;

In rivulets of poisonous green. And the love?


The memory of the pure, red flame

Danced in front of her eyes

And she saw the light igniting far off,

As crimson sun broke the night.

Gaining strength from warming rays

She promised aloud to burn just as bright

And sent her word to the fiery being

With messengers of both lands still stirring;

Phoenixes, after all, are reborn from the ashes.


Photo by Chris Sardegna

She had so much spunk,

That she made oceans out of

The beads of perspiration

That formed at her head

When she looked ahead

At the series of lifeless days

That were coming.

As she acknowledged

The reality of what was to come,

She promised herself

That acknowledgement

Was not acceptance,

And that she refused

To passively wait

For days and months and years

For courage to arrive

And turn her life around.

She refused to simply look

Out of the windows

Of her cage-like dwelling

At the long road that led there.

She stopped waiting

To hear the doorbell

That would spring her into activity

And instead

Got to work herself.

Bracing herself for the tough task,

She started shaking the chains

That tied her to the weight

Of imagined obligations

That no one expected anyway.

The chains were hard to break

But at least they rattled

And betrayed the signs

Of inherent weakness.

For her, for now,

That was enough.

Black Hole

Photo via Google Images

But when I see in the mirror,

All I see is a dark lake, stagnant,

Unchanging; where all paths end.

No new roads, no new adventures.

I see no glimpse of the ocean,

That you assured me you saw in me.

No vastness, no depth, no voyages.

You say you see sunshine in my eyes,

Lighting up everything around.

But when I see in the mirror,

All I see is a fire, harsh,

Burning, destroying everything in its way.

I see no evidence of Life,

That you claim is hidden in my soul.

All I see is a black hole,

Where the whole of you

Would cease to exist.


File:Candle flame (1).jpg

Photo by Jon Sullivan (Wikimedia Commons)

The wait is endless.

The outcome no nearer in sight.

But the fears have fallen

On the way in the quest to get.


I stand impatiently

On the branching pathways.

Each road better and worse.

Each way beckoning and repelling.


I see broken shadows

Of desires; pent-up and hidden,

A lifetime of unspoken wishes

On the path that I’ve come from.


But I’ve come a long way

And the past is now

Nothing but that; past.

I look forward, restive.


The fierce fire burns within

The wake of passion

Has shaken off

The strings of vulnerability.


I am no longer afraid.

Unabashed, I am free to be.

As the fears have fallen

On the way in the quest to get.