Eyes Speak


The innocence spoke through the eyes.

She didn’t have a clue.

Confusion spoke through the eyes too.

This wasn’t normal.

Hesitation spoke too.

Was she supposed to stop this?

Would she be able to?

She was a child and he was so huge.


The hands were strong and sturdy.

The intentions were clear too.

The eyes searched for the familiar.

The nice lady was nowhere to be seen.

Pain spoke through the eyes now.

He was hurting her.

Fear spoke through the eyes now.

She worked up a scream.


No sound came.

But the nice lady was there!

She detached herself.

And ran outside the waiting room.

“There you are!”

The mother caught her outside.

“What happened?”

No answer came.


“I got your chips. Look!”

No hand came up to take it.

“I’m hurt,” she said, “He hurt me.”

“Who? Where?”

The mother dropped on her knees to see.

The eyes full of concern.

She kept quiet.

The mother coerced more.


Gathering courage, she motioned.

No response.

Thinking that mother didn’t understand,

She motioned again.

Silence. A pause.


“Uncle X.”

Another pause.

Then: “Hush, child!”


She was hurt,

Not physically this time.

“Don’t let your father hear this!”

The tears spilled on her cheeks.

What had she done? Was she wrong?

She kept asking herself this for years to come.

But she had learnt almost immediately

That she should keep silent.

4 thoughts on “Eyes Speak

  1. Very powerful! And sad 😦 That the mother would react in defence of the father rather than the child is extremely disheartening especially as it takes a lot of courage for abused children to say anything :/
    Still amazingly written 🙂


    • Thank you. You’re right. It’s difficult for children to speak up against people who are supposed to be close to them, who are supposed to be the protectors, in fact. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t want any “stains” on their children. Many times, I’ve seen the children getting blamed for being sexually abused; especially if the child is a girl, people don’t want any such news to go public as it apparently harms the child (girl)’s “reputation”.
      It’s a terrible situation for a child to be in.


      • It’s a terrible shame that our society could view it that way… :’/
        If a child speaks up about abuse, then gets blamed or told not to say anything (to me) it’s worse than the original abuse because the person who told them to stop speaking about it becomes another abuser in that child’s life and so does everybody else… As they’ll grow up feeling like there’s no one to talk to or connect with and it’s either their fault or worlds’ fault.. :/

        You’re right. The problem with society is that everyone wants to see children as innocent little angels… But their not.
        I’m not saying it’s their fault if their abused far from it! That is entirely on the abuser(s) head(s)! It mind sound harsh but I believe that anyone who abuses (and I don’t mean when a parent taps their kid on the hand or man handles them onto the naughty step) should face the death penalty. Because most of the time they’re not going to stop.

        Anyway back to children being innocent little darlings.. I’ve worked with/looked after my fair share of kids and they are not innocent. They are their parents.
        They might not understand as much as their parents but if you watch a kid when they’re not with their folks you start to notice just how much they’ll act like one parent or the other! The funny thing is; most kids will only argue with the parent they are most like… Which is sometimes pretty funny to watch.. 😛

        But kids are extremely emotionally manipulative.

        We all have to be as kids because we depend completely upon the people who look after us… And we depend on them for a long time! So right from the get go we need to get our parents/family entirely invested in our survival (most of the time though, the manipulation is subconsciously done).

        Ok, I’m going to stop my rant there! 😀 Sorry for such a long reply!


      • I love long replies! It makes me happy if something I wrote made the reader think; that’s the idea behind blogging, right?
        You raise a good point. The behavior of parents definitely impacts the behavior of the child. In the worst case scenario, even the abusive behavior of a child can be traced back to the parent. It is indeed sad that abusers have such a long-tern effect on children.


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